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The unique, rich, resilient and warm coloratura soprano can learn with ease styles that differ in the extent of their complexity with the same degree of accuracy and taste – from classical opera to operetta.
- Cultura

Oxana Shilova showed her perfection as a real singing actress masterly creating  a drama-line of the part of Violetta. She reminds Teresa Stratas in terms of her deep transformation of Violetta’s image showing it in development.  From the carefree lady with the camellias forgetting about the existence of crooked relationship she is going through the way to the final of the opera comprehending the true meaning of higher love.
- Saint Petersburg Vedomosti

Vocalmente en cambio fue una noche de lujo. La soprano uzbeka Oxana Shilova me dejó encantada. La voz es preciosa y la usa bien, no es una Violetta doliente, sino un poco áspera, pero hizo todas sus arias impecables. Hizo un tercer acto realmente conmovedor.
- Mundo  Classico

A la perfección con la de Oxana Shilova en el papel de Alice Ford. La voz de la soprano, reluciente, penetrante y completa, impresionó por su perfecta homogeneidad.
- Opera Actual
“Russian soprano Oxana Shilova sang with the most fetching and memorable voice on the stage. Remember the name.
- Artsalt
The Russian soprano Oxana Shilova as Madame Cortese produced real amplitude and voice of generally good quality: she seems ready to face other challenges.
- Seen and Heard International
Oxana Shilova without any doubts is the pride of the Mariinsky. She has been singing the role of Violetta always terrific distinguishing it by her magnificent dramatic talent. However, it is impossible not to notice that she has been constantly improving her vocal technique and reinventing this role. At the opening night Shilova shined not only through her amber colored saturated timbre and rich overtones voice, light, crystal and effortless for the public virtuoso coloratura being equally well for the whole range of registers, but also was able to fully characterize three stages of Violetta's states: the free whirl to the pursuit of pleasures, the passionate love to Alfredo and finally, almost the maternal sacrifice.
- Operanews

The main centerpiece of the opera was made by the genius singing actress Oxana Shilova. Her voice was deep, flexible, warm, easily touching the hearts of the audience even on the last rows up there. Her ideal phrasing and her perfect role interpretation made her Violetta very special. Certainly, she was the one who made the whole opera successful.
- Nevskoe Vremya

The production has been successful thanks to the conductor Valery Gergiev and a young singer Oxana Shilova (Violetta). Shilova fascinated the audience by her bright, touching, rich in modulations voice and her outstanding acting charisma. Her monologues about a hope for happiness and an upcoming death tugged at heartstrings. Everyone from the audience felt deeply sorry for her.
- Novie Izvestija

Her effulgent and colorful voice was accompanied by a rounded, well-focused, technically flawless sound. The dramatic talent of Shilova was also very impressive: her Violetta was strong-willed and impulsive, touching and crushed, so natural and alive in every gesture and in every phrase. Shilova captivated the audience by the incredible operatic and dramatic act. It seemed that there were not any gaps left between the image and the personality of the singer, between the living and playing the role on the stage. Oxana Shilova played her heart out unreservedly. Oxana Shilova played her heart out unreservedly. This evening was the total Shilova’s Special.
- Belcanto